Tyler Farr

We asked American country music singer and songwriter Tyler Farr to share a glimpse of his musical success and how it feels performing with his Lucchese boots on stage.

Tyler Farr grew up in Garden City, Missouri, a farming town an hour southeast of Kansas City. He currently lives in Chapel Hill, Tennessee, with his wife, three dogs, and four cats. As a natural and born-to-be singer, Tyler took voice lessons when he was a teenager and sang tenor in Missouri's All-State Choir as a senior in high school. After graduating college at Missouri State University with a degree in voice, he was encouraged to continue singing. In 2010, Tyler packed his bags and left for Nashville as he had three No. 1 songs – “Redneck Crazy,” “Whiskey in My Water,” and “A Guy Walks Into a Bar” and a growing string of hits, Tyler became a face of country music.

In 2019, the Missouri native was the first artist who signed with Broken Bow Records under Jason Aldean’s label Night Train Records. Now, Tyler gets to hear and enjoy his favorite songs on the radio.

How do you find inspiration as a songwriter?

I love to write, so my inspiration comes from what I do in my everyday life. I live out in the country, and I write about my experiences that I go through on a daily basis.

Where was your first gig?

My first gig was at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge where I worked as a bouncer. One day, I worked my way up to stage and got my chance to perform for the first time.

tyler farr lucchese

Tell us about your first pair of boots.

My first pair of boots were given to me while I was on the Jason Aldean tour. I got brown caimanboots with “T Farr” on the side.

What makes you a Lucchese fan?

I believe that Lucchese makes the best boots in the world — plain and simple. They are American made, and I am 100% behind that and that’s what makes this country great.

I’ve never worn a boot more comfortable than my Luccheses. When I put them on, I’m ready for the day and normally that means I’m performing at a show. I love 'em!

Is there anything you would like to share with your fans?

I just want to thank my fans for the support throughout my career. The one thing I notice with my fans is their loyalty and trust in my music and my brand. That’s the same reason that I have worn Lucchese products — because they are true to my lifestyle, my music, and America!

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