Denny Balmaceda

Denny Balmaceda is a fashion blogger and content creator who hails from the New Jersey and New York area. He firmly believes in the difference between fashion and style. He says, “Fashion is temporary; fashion is a race. Style is independent of that — style is story telling.” Denny claims he’s the “jack of all trades” as he’s a digital content creator, menswear blogger, photographer, former stylist, vintage connoisseur, urban cowboy, and winner of class clown in both grammar and high school. 

We asked Denny to share more about how a blogger from the East Coast began wearing Lucchese boots and how he got his vintage western style.

What led you to become a fashion blogger? What inspired you to share your style with your followers?

I was always that kid in school who would skateboard to school every morning and would wear a suit for no reason. If I were to describe myself as a movie character, I'm a fusion of Duckie from “Pretty in Pink,” Lloyd Dobler from “Say Anything,” and Edward Scissorhands. I've always marched to the beat of my own drums but it's not to say, “Hey! Look at me! I'm a weirdo.” It was just really who I was. I was never shy to express myself. I listened to The Cure, Madonna, and A Tribe Called Quest growing up, so when it came to fashion, I was also the same way.

I get my inspirations from everything I enjoy from movies to music to vintage magazines. I always describe my style as a look you would see in films like Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcese, or even Wes Anderson. I like looking like a movie character.

My style was always different from the usual, and I loved that. I think having all those personality traits as well as being pretty much an art student growing up led me to what I do now. I believe I was always meant to share my style as well as my influences. My whole goal as a fashion blogger is to inspire people who connect with me and follow me to be confident with themselves. 

Lucchese boots: Elgin (left) and vintage python snakeskin boot (right)

When did you find your love for wearing cowboy boots?

I've always loved anything western since I was a kid. My apartment is filled with vintage cowboy hats, bolo ties, and cowboy themed memorabilias, but it all really started when I discovered thrifting. I was in high school in the early ‘00’s so even then, thrifting was not how it is now. But since I wasn't getting an allowance and I was already working, I would thrift to save money. That's how I really found out what I love when it comes to fashion. It's a pretty cool self-discovery when you're unaware about name brands and whatever is trendy. You love what you love just based on seeing it for the first time.

I heard and learned about Lucchese from thrifting and my history at working at thrift stores and vintage shops. I knew it was the best quality boots because it was always on demand and people get excited when they find it for such a steal.

Lucchese boot: Knox

How have you continued to emphasize western wear in your personal life? 

Cowboy boots are definitely a staple in my wardrobe. It's been a huge part of my life because it's one of my go-to boots to wear anytime. To me, they're super comfortable, and that added boost to your height is definitely a plus. You can almost expect to always see me with a cowboy hat paired with cowboy boots, especially around fall and winter. That's my uniform.

Tell us about your Lucchese collection. How do you like to style your outfits when you put on a Lucchese boot? 

Right now, I have three Lucchese boots. I've had so many growing up as well, but as of today I have the Knox, a classic black boot, the Elgin, a navy ostrich boot, and a vintage python snakeskin boot. I love styling it in traditional western mixed with streetwear pieces. I feel like merging both styles define who I am. I love merging different styles and coming up with your personal twist. It's pretty fun to discover new ways to rock cowboy boots.

What do you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots?

I feel like myself, which is very important to me because confidence within yourself is your best accessory.

For more information about Denny Balmaceda, follow him on Instagram @denny623.