Erin Wasson

It’s been two years since fashion model and designer Erin Wasson released her first collection for Lucchese. Now she’s back, shod in something special. Inspired by her Texas roots and casual lifestyle, three new styles in rich navy and chocolate colors – and one bestseller from that first lovely bunch – hit shelves in just one week.

The first Lucchese x Erin Wasson collection presented itself as a highly sought-after vignette of dark midnight tones with a high-fashion feel. Erin said, “This collaboration was a dream. Being from Texas, Lucchese boots have been a staple and name I’ve heard since childhood. With the opportunity to design boots with their incredible leathers, I was inspired to share that the boots can take anyone from their small town and create a feeling of traveling all over. From El Paso to the world…”

Describe the new Lucchese x Erin Wasson collection. How did you come up with the designs?

My approach is very similar to the last – quiet design with subtle details. Rich cocoas mixed with bright blue, a color combination you see a lot in New Mexico in Pueblo design. This season, I wanted to offer a loafer as not everyone is a cowgirl boot gal but when worn with pants, this loafer gives you the same shape as wearing a boot. Another design that I felt was necessary is the roper as that was the first boot I ever owned. The black and blue snake swirl detail really is something special. It’s a little psychedelic.

Share the evolution of the designs from the first collection to the new collection.

Being given the opportunity to design something I look at as a staple to my lifestyle is a deep gift. I’ve always felt a western boot can transform your attitude – giving confidence and swagger.

I think what inspires me is classic design, architecture, textures, craftsmanship, and a feeling of permanence, which I’ve always thought of as being the same as romance. The evolution I believe is that this second collection feels slightly more feminine. The first collection was very rock and roll with the elements of patent leather and gold zippers. Although we have a very cool wild card planned to launch later that’s very cool and new with some unexpected hardware. 

Lucchese boots (left to right): Jacqueline, Paz, Alexandra

Which is your favorite Lucchese boot? Why?

My favorite Lucchese boot I’ve ever made was the Mattea boot – midnight blue full quill ostrich 18” with black patent leather piping detail. I wear them over and over and over again. 

How do you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots?

When you wear Lucchese boots, it’s just different. We see a lot of western boots on the market by all sorts of designers and houses, but the craftsmanship is not there. You’re getting the look without the romance. With Lucchese, you can feel a familial hand, you can feel the intention and not the trend. They also break in so beautifully. 

Lucchese boot: Paz

My go to style is definitely a taller boot, which I know I’m lucky to pull off due to my height. I love an 18” tall babe! 

I think the transition from ranch to city is all about a feeling. I’ve worn all of my boots in all environments. I hiked Machu Pichu in boots which I don’t know if I would recommend! I think the different environments allows for the spirit of your choice to change. Pants and boots on the ranch, and boots and skirts in the city! But anything goes really is what I say! Bring the ranch TO the city! 

Lucchese boot: Jacqueline

What should we expect from the second Lucchese x Erin Wasson collection?

This next collection feels like an elongated story. Or I hope so. I always hope to design things that sit well together and feel like they’re from the same story but different characters and personalities. I hope everyone can find a piece from my collections that really speak to them. 

For more information about Erin Wasson, click here to shop her collection of anything-but-basic black boots.