David Nail

David Nail is an American country music artist who grew up in a small southeastern Missouri town called Kennett, Missouri. Both of his parents worked in the school system, and all he was ever focused on from an early age were two things: music and sports. During his tour in 2010, David stopped by our Lucchese Santa Fe grand opening to play a small set, as well as our Lucchese Nashville store for the "I'm A Fire" album release party.

How did you begin your career as a country artist? And how has it progressed since?

I moved to Nashville first at 18, and then again at 20. I got my first record deal at 21, and then my second at 26. My second deal with MCA Records Nashville was where I eventually had some success. I was there for over 12 years where I had four albums and two EPs. I think we had five to six Top 20 songs and a couple No. 1s. I was nominated for a Grammy with “Turning Home,” which was my second Top 20 song.

How do you find inspiration as a songwriter?

I find inspiration writing from real life. It’s always been hard for me to make things up completely. Usually all my songs start from some sort of real experience.

Where was your first gig?

My first ever big-time show/gig was opening for Sugarland in Winston-Salem, North Carolina!

Have you continued to emphasize western wear in much of your personal and professional life?

I once thought you had to have a hat and boots to be a country singer. I soured on the hat early on, but I’ve worn western boots for 20 plus years – less as the years have gone on. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better to lean on comfort more so than what you “think” looks the best. Lucchese does great with both. I used to wear the high cowboy heel, and then I started having issues with my right foot, so I began wearing lower heels to help with the pain. It was an adjustment at first. My first pair ever was a pair of elephants, and they were almost yellow in color. It’s an addictive thing for sure.

Tell us about your first pair of boots.

When I played at the Lucchese Sante Fe store, I remember seeing this pair of almost white crocodile boots, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off them even when I played. Afterwards, I went over and the display was a 10.5. It was fate. So, they let me wear ‘em out the store. I’ve had three pair made since just like those. They sorta became my look for several years.

What makes you a Lucchese fan?

I love the people of Lucchese more than the boots. I’ve had many fun nights with all the folks from El Paso to Dallas and in between – even here in Nashville.

Tell us about your Lucchese boot collection. Which are your favorite boots?

My favorite pair I’ve ever owned is a pair of custom gator dress zip-up boots. I’ve only worn them maybe three times. They were big time money that I’m nervous to wear them! They are sort of a cognac caramel color and are absolutely beautiful. This boot is actually one of three pair the bootmakers built because they were so concerned with the size. The other two sold within a week in the Nashville store.

david nail lucchese boots collection

Lucchese suede ropers (left): Original Bannock in sand and Lincoln in olive.
Lucchese caiman boots (right): Custom built.

Describe how you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots.

I always told Doug Kindy when I met him that Lucchese boots were the “Jordans of boots.” Once you got a pair, you wanted 50. And once you put ‘em on, you sort of had tasted the class of western boots. It’s pretty hard to try anything else.

For more information about David Nail, visit, follow him on Instagram @davidnail, or listen on Spotify.