Buffalo & Calf Leather Care and Protection Guide

Lucchese applies countless steps in our process to craft handmade products that last. To ensure the highest quality leather worthy of the Lucchese brand, our artisans carefully choose, match and inspect all leathers before construction begins. To extend the lifetime of your boots and the leather that moves them, try these quick care tips:

PROTECT: Sunlight and water can cause damage by cracking the surface and causing the leather to lose its shape. Whenever possible, keep boots in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. If your boots do get wet, allow them to air dry and avoid contact with direct heat sources, such as space heaters or hairdryers.

CLEAN: Both calf and buffalo leathers are known for their durability and smooth texture, but dirt can make these soft surfaces crack. Clean your boots on a regular basis by removing debris with a soft brush or cloth. To remove thicker grime, such as mud or clay, use a slightly dampened cloth.

CONDITION: Every few months, apply thin coats of leather conditioner to help retain moisture and prevent cracking. If boots are damp, wait until boots dry completely before conditioning. For burnished leather, avoid using leather conditioner for any burnished leather.

POLISH: After applying conditioner, use polish to buff out scratches and maintain shine. Use polish sparingly (thin coats are recommended), as too much can leave stains.

The more you wear your Lucchese boots, the better they’ll feel. To keep them moving, apply these tips on a regular basis. Over time, the clean, polished and conditioned leather will naturally begin to age and deepen in color, giving your Lucchese's more character, comfort and life. 

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