A study in detail, Part 9: Patterns & Cutting

Lucchese builds boots like no other. Our unrivaled fit stands at the heart of the Lucchese story, which begins with a proprietary twisted cone last developed by the Lucchese family. But our superior last only goes so far without the patterns that ultimately build the boot. Each one needs the other to move forward.

After the last is designed and built, patterns must be made for each size of boot to fit a variety of customers. Interestingly, there’s no specific standard of measurement within the western boot industry. Each manufacturer creates their own protocols for how sizes work; hence the reason all brands feel and fit differently. It’s our proprietary last and the meticulous process of perfecting patterns that create Lucchese’s outstanding fit.

Because the pattern serves as a guide for the amount of leather needed to properly stretch over the boot last, the patternmaker must take into account all variables in play. They assess the leathers, align markings and use steel rule dies to cut patterns for each component before piecing them together like an intricate puzzle. This precision establishes proper alignment and construction of the boot’s silhouette as well as its fit.

These artisans, so named for the art of Lucchese’s handcrafted process, have perfected the union of lasts and patterns to ensure a boot that’s second to none. 

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