A Glimpse into the Life of a Professional Polo Player

Captain of the Lucchese polo team, Jeff Hall is an American polo professional who grew up in Santa Barbara, California. His father, John Hall, was an enthusiastic polo sponsor, so as a child, Jeff was always around the sport. He fell in love with horses at a very young age, and it became his dream to play professionally when he was about seven years old.

Jeff’s father sent him to Argentina to pursue his dream of becoming a professional polo player when he was 12 years old. While in Argentina, Jeff was immersed in the sport and got noticed by an Argentine who got him his first paying job in the United States.

Jeff has won almost every high-goal trophy in U.S. polo including the most prestigious, the U.S. Open. Currently holding a 7-goal handicap, Jeff is one of only a handful of American players to have played in the highly regarded Argentine Open.

You were a part of the United States team for last year’s Westchester Cup against England. Tell us about that experience and what it meant for you to represent the United States.

I love my country, and I am always proud when I get the opportunity to represent the United States through polo. I would like to see more international competition. I recently took on the role of chairman of the International Committee for the United States Polo Association, which stemmed from playing the Westchester Cup.

How did you come to play for Lucchese? What does it mean to you to play on the Lucchese team?

I played against the Lucchese team for many years before I started playing on the team. It’s an honor to play on the team. John Muse, the patron, is a great player and friend, and I love how the Lucchese brand represents quality, tradition, and made in the USA.

Last year was a really good year for the Lucchese team. What was your favorite moment, and how is this season going for you?

Well, I love to win, and we won the first tournament last year, so that was a favorite moment. We made it to the finals of all three tournaments, so each game that took us there was a highlight. We are in the height of the Pacific Coast Open right now. The competition is high and heated which makes it very intense, and a lot of fun.

What Lucchese boots do you wear on the field?

They are custom fit Lucchese Competition Polo Boots. They are comfortable, but still firm.

Describe why polo players wear a tall riding boot.

We wear a tall riding boot for protection. We are moving around a lot when playing and the boot stays in place, so it protects our skin on the inside and on the outside, it protects from whatever is happening during the game whether that’s another player, horse, a mallet or the ball coming at you.

Do you own any other Lucchese boots besides your riding boots?

Yes, several. I love the Chelsea boot and the Grant.

Jeff is currently back in action with Team Lucchese at the Silver Air Pacific Coast Open at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club this week hoping to bring home another championship. Made in the USA and world-renowned, Jeff embodies the Lucchese spirit through his dedication to his craft and subsequent excellence, just like our boots.

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