Emma Mary On Earning Her DCC Boots

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are recognizable with their blue and white blouse, vest, shorts and boots. In 2011, Lucchese became the official outfitters of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. We asked Emma Mary, a three-year veteran Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader All-Star, to share some insight and her experience with the team.

Emma grew up with her parents and two sisters in Houston, Texas. Today, she lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her wonderful husband, Christopher. 

Emma began taking dance lessons when she was three years old and realized early on that dance was going to play a major role in her life. Before she started high school, Emma began to understand that she wanted to use her passion for dance to serve the community that she lived in. After realizing that, as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, she could become an ambassador for the organization and the entire DFW area, Emma knew this job was meant for her and would do whatever it took to make the team.

“Being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, you are able to do so much more than just perform at football games. You are constantly presented with opportunities to give back through the relationship the Cowboys have with the Salvation Army and the USO. I have to say, being able to travel overseas and personally thank the service men and women who keep us safe, through the USO, has been one of the greatest honors of my life.”

How did you begin your career as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Before I was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, I was a Kilgore College Rangerette. This organization is known across Texas as the first group of women to ever kick on a football field. Following my time at Kilgore, I became a member of the Texas Christian University dance team, the Showgirls. I felt very fortunate that by the time I gathered enough courage to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, I had already spent quite a bit of time performing in front of large groups and participating in kick lines.  

Describe the process of training and competing to make the team.

The audition process to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. You are pretty much exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally from May until August. But, I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Describe the feeling of making the team. What was it like to earn and receive your uniform and Lucchese boots?

When I finally made the team, the feeling was surreal. It pretty much felt like I had made it to the top of Mt. Everest and at that exact moment, the sun started to rise. Putting on the uniform and Lucchese boots was about as great as slipping into my wedding dress on my wedding day. (Sorry hunny, you know I love you.) It was like finally making it to the front of the line, at your favorite ride, in Disney World or the moment in The Lion King when Simba is presented and they all start singing. Do I sound cheesy and dramatic? Absolutely! But, to me, it really was that amazing! 

Do you own any other Lucchese boots? If so, which ones?

Yes, I own the Fiona and Averill boots. I wear them every chance I get and am always looking to add to my Lucchese boot collection!

After four seasons as a DCC, Emma retired in 2015. She now works full-time as a financial advisor. In her spare time, Emma helps out with the Texas Christian University dance team, the Showgirls. Occasionally, Emma will put her white Lucchese boots back on as an All-Star Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader if the team needs her.

You can purchase the DCC boot inspired by the ones the cheerleaders wear today!

For more information about Emma Mary and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, follow @dccheerleaders on Instagram.