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What Are Roper Boots:
Stepping Into the History of the Roper Cowboy Boot

One of today’s most popular styles of western-styled boots are called ropers or Wellington boots. The roper can trace its origins back to England and the British military. The roper boot was first popularized by Arthur Wellesley, who was the 1st Duke of Wellington, a war hero and former Prime Minister. 

The Duke of Wellington wore the popular Hessian boots, a military-issued footwear style  worn by British troops at the time. Hessian boots were known for their short heel, pointed toes, tassel decorated tops, and for its ease of getting in and out of a stirrup. The Duke of Wellington instructed a local boot shoemaker to modify his personal Hessian boots to create a boot with soft calf leathers, a one-inch heel, and a mid-calf shaft, creating the first roper boot. The boot soon became a popular fashion statement for men—as it does to this day.

Today, Lucchese offers a Wellington heeled boot in a variety of skins and colors. The popularity of this roper boot continues to grow because of its comfort and clean silhouette. It features a lower heel than your typical cowboy boot, which adds more comfort to first-time boot wearers and makes it easy to get in and out of a saddle stirrup. Whether you’re a cowboy or simply appreciate history, the roper just might be the perfect fit for you.

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