Lucchese Repair and Restoration Department

The Lucchese Repair and Restoration department handles a variety of work on boots, shoes and other Lucchese products. From small fixes and detailed adjustments to complete restoration, our team of skilled artisans can handle just about any request. It's important to note that there may be instances in which a product may be irreparable or vulnerable to further damage during the repair process. Our department is happy to make an assessment to determine if restoration is feasible. 

How does Lucchese handle repairs?

Repairs needed as a result of a manufacturing defect are covered by the Lucchese one-year warranty from the date of purchase and will be repaired at no charge to the consumer. 

Lucchese repairs boots that were purchased through a Lucchese retail store, and Lucchese retail partners. 

Lucchese Repairs Policies

Lucchese Restoration applies to Lucchese boots only. Lucchese cannot repair boots that have been repaired or resoled by any non-Lucchese entity. Manufacturing defects are covered by our one-year warranty from the date of purchase and will be repaired at no charge. 

Lucchese will repair soles, heels, pull straps and heel caps for Lucchese items no longer under warranty, but charges apply. Repairs fees may vary depending on the overall condition and specific repair(s) needed. Upon inspection, Lucchese will report cost of repairs to consumer. 

Lucchese may deem some submitted boots as vulnerable or ineligible for repair. If you do decide to go forward with repairs, a signed release form will be required and additional costs may arise. 

If Lucchese has restored your boots on previous occasions, keep in mind that multiple repairs can alter fit. Prices are subject to change depending on extent of repairs. 

Exact return dates of products sent for repair cannot be guaranteed. 

Lucchese Sole & Heel Restoration

As well as repairing boots, the Lucchese can also do boot restoration that includes heel and sole replacement as well as retouch the leather dye and/or finish. Please contact Lucchese Customer Service at 1-800-637-6888, Ext. 3029 for instructions and pricing. You can also email for further assistance.


  • If you purchased the boots from a retailer, please contact the original retailer where you purchased your boots or contact a Lucchese retail store to speak with a store manager about the process.
  • Please contact the Lucchese retailer or the Lucchese retail store first to obtain an RA number (which is needed to identify your boots and assist in the repair process) before shipping your boots to the El Paso factory for repair.
  • If you purchased from, please email for instructions and assistance.

Items in need of repair may also be shipped from any of the Lucchese retail stores. The Lucchese store manager will provide you or the retail partner instructions and answer additional questions regarding the repairs process.

While Lucchese can manage most repair requests, occasionally there may be damage or repair requests that may not be feasible depending on the leather and the overall condition of the boots. To inquire further about your particular boots and if they qualify for repair, call Customer Support at 1-888-LUC-1883 or email

Please see the list of Lucchese retail stores:

Lucchese Outlet
6601 Montana Suite L
El Paso, TX 79925
Phone: 800-239-5925
Store Manager: Frank Ray
Mon-Sat. 9-6 Mountain time
Lucchese Outlet
11751 Gateway
El Paso, TX 79936
Phone: 915-594-7100
Store Manager: Carlos Armendariz
Lucchese San Antonio
255 E. Basse Rd
San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: 800-548-9755
Store Manager: Stacy Stone
Lucchese Houston
4051 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: 713-960-1121
Store Manager: John Thompson
Lucchese Santa Fe
57 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 800-871-1883
Store Manager: Robyn Vickers
Lucchese Nashville
503 12th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-242-1161
Store Manager: Joe Wiese