Wade Bowen and his Journey as a Country Musician

Cowboy boots are synonymous with country music. We tapped American Texas country singer/songwriter, Wade Bowen, to share his story of how he became a country musician as well as some insight on his favorite cowboy boots, and how he feels wearing them on stage.

Wade grew up in Waco, Texas, but has lived in New Braunfels for the last 15 years, and “has loved every bit of it and cannot imagine living anywhere else.” Beginning his musical career as a member in the band West 84, Wade made the decision to pursue his solo career in 2001. One year later, he released his first album, Try Not To Listen, which became a big hit in Texas.

How did you begin your career as a country artist? And how has it progressed since?

I started the age-old way. I met some buddies, jammed in my garage until we found a gig, and have worked tirelessly on the road ever since. I would hope it’s progressed through knowledge and hard work by now because I’ve been doing it a long time.

Where was your first gig?

In 2001, I graduated from Texas Tech University, so the first gig I ever performed at was in Lubbock, Texas, at Stubbs BBQ.

After you performed at Stubbs BBQ, was there a single a moment you realized this was a career move?

It was always going to be my career. Or at least I sure hoped it would. I loved music my whole life, so I started a band to do it with me. It was never just a hobby for me. 

Courtesy of Wade Bowen

Some country artists begin their career in Texas and move to Nashville, but you’ve stayed true to your Texas roots. What does Texas country music mean to you?

Well, all of my business is out of Nashville and has been since the beginning of my career. I was on Sony Records for a little bit as well, but nothing ever came of it. So, to say I never moved is true and not true all in the same breath. I never physically moved to Nashville because of my constant touring. I love the road, and once I got established in Texas and this region, it just made more sense to stay here with my family and keep working from Texas. However, I try to get to Nashville as often as possible. There are so many talented people there. But that’s what defines Texas music to me. Hit the road and work hard for your career. It’s worked for me so far!

Lucchese is very proud to be from Texas. What does it mean to you to be a Texan?

I love being a Texan. It’s where I’ve lived my whole life. I had a few opportunities to maybe move to Nashville, but I’m glad I never had to. I’m proud of living here and so happy my kids get to grow up as Texans. I love the food. I love the music. I love everything about being a Texan. 

Tell us about your custom Lucchese boots.

The custom boots Lucchese made for me are chocolate suede hippo. They are my favorite pair of boots I’ve ever had, and they have my logo on them which is such a showoff point for me everywhere I go. Haha! These boots were made for singing!

What are your favorite Lucchese boots?

Duh, the custom boots you made for me! I also love wearing the full quill Ostrich boots my wife got me years ago, and they still look as good as ever. Love ‘em!

(Sadly, we have already sold through Wade’s pair of boots, but here are a few similar styles.)

How do you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots?

I feel amazing! Love putting them on knowing I’m about to walk on stage with a badass pair of boots on my feet!

When can your fans expect a new album?

I will have a Christmas album released around Christmas time and the other is Volume 2 of “Hold My Beer” I do with my buddy Randy Rogers! That will be out sometime early next year! Busy busy, but always a blast!

For more information about Wade Bowen and his new album, visit, follow @wadebowen on Instagram, or listen to his music on Spotify.