Travis Denning and His Journey as a Country Artist

Travis Denning is an American country music artist from Warner Robins, Georgia. In 2018, Travis signed to Universal Music Group Nashville’s Mercury Records. Later that year, he released his first big radio hit, "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs." The song is based on a real-life experience when he was underaged and bought cigarettes and beer with a fake ID. During his tour, Travis stopped by Lucchese Dallas to play a small acoustic set and to be fitted for his first custom Lucchese boots.

How did you begin your career as a country artist? And how has it progressed since?

My career as an artist can technically date back to the age of 16 when I started playing at bars and restaurants singing cover songs by anyone from The Allman Brothers Band to Jason Aldean to 3 Doors Down to George Strait. In 2010, I had my first paid gig at The Statham’s Landing Country Club in Bonaire, Georgia, where I made $75. I thought I was on top of the world. This year, we played over 100 shows all over the country: Mexico, Europe, and the United Kingdom. I have come a long way from the back corner of the dining room at the clubhouse!

How did you become a songwriter? Where do you get your inspiration?

I started writing songs when I was 17, and, let me tell you, they were horrible. But I believe songwriting is truly a muscle – it gets better and stronger as long as you work on it and strive to be better and go deeper. My earliest influencing of songwriting was from what I think is still the best source of motivation today: real life experiences. The first song I ever wrote that I thought was decent was a song called, “Old Jeep Driver’s Seat.” I wrote it about my uncle’s Jeep he had passed down to his oldest son, Steven. Steven let me borrow the car for a few days before his wedding, and I thought it was the coolest damn vehicle I had ever been in. I wanted to write a song about all the memories I figured that driver’s seat had seen. To this day, I think the songs I’ve written that have the most special place in my heart come from real life, and they come from living through those moments that resonate with us, whether they’re the good ones or the bad ones.

Have you continued to emphasize western wear in much of your personal and professional life?

Absolutely. As I was growing up, country music to me was a pearl snap shirt, a good pair of jeans, and a killer pair of boots. I like to think I keep that going for the most part — especially the boots.

Tell us about your first pair of boots.

My first pair of Lucchese’s I got were out of the Nashville store. I got them before I really knew what I was looking for. As most great boot stories go, I walked in and saw this pair sitting on the shelf that I knew I immediately wanted. They are a pair of short zipped boots with two toned brown leather — just classic looking.

What makes you a big Lucchese fan?

I love the fact that anything I can think of, Lucchese can make it happen. There’s no apprehension to any design, any look, or any concept. But the biggest reason I love Lucchese is timelessness. You hear that name and just know it’s quality. Same reason I love Gibson guitars, Fender amps, and Chevy trucks.

Tell us about your custom Lucchese boots.

I have two pair of rattlesnake zips, hippo vamps, milk calf zips for everyday wear, two pairs of ostrich – one black and one brown.

What are your favorite Lucchese boots?

My favorite pair are definitely my rattlesnake zips. My boy Dustin Bowen from Lucchese Nashville had posted a picture of some he created, and I just automatically said, “YUP! That’s the pair.” They’re just absolutely badass. There’s hardly anywhere I go that I don’t hear someone say, “Dude, those are AWESOME.”

Describe how you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots.

I feel like me. Every pair has a purpose, a mood, and, of course, a look that is exactly who I am. I think that’s the best way someone can feel in boots.

Is there anything you would like to share with your fans?

We’ll be out on the Stay Country Tour with Dustin Lynch Spring 2020, and I’m so pumped for it. Going to be a lot of fun with great folks!

For more information about Travis Denning, follow him on Instagram @travisrdenning or listen to his music on Spotify.