Katherine Dozzo and Her Lucchese Collection

A Lucchese fanatic with a collection of more than 20 pairs, Katherine Dozzo, has been a loyal customer for many decades. Her collection of Lucchese goes beyond footwear and includes handbags, apparel, and more. She said, “I love Lucchese because they’re so versatile. I am a fashion guru and I like to look classy with the latest cowboy boot trends by purchasing the top exotic leathers.”

Tell us about yourself.

I am 66 years old and was raised in Montana, but I have lived in Texas the last 36 years. I grew up riding horses at the age of 13 – that’s when I bought my first pair of high-top cowboy boots. I have been in the horse business for a very long time and always went to the best trainers to learn how to ride. When I was 17 years old, I became very good at riding and began winning many awards.

Today, I am building an indoor arena and barn in Celina, Texas. The ranch will be named after me – Lazy Kat Ranch. I am starting an Andalusion Stallion breeding facility due to the four Stallions I just bought from Spain. I also own three cutting horses and a Lusitano. These Stallions are all PRE’s, which means they’re born and pure breed in Spain. In fact, my six-year-old PRE Champion Stallion, Hortelono – his full brother just won third in the world in dressage.

Describe your day-to-day schedule.

I get up and ride two to three horses a day at noon. I ride them for a couple of hours and then take care of all nine of my horses after my ride. Once they’re taken care of, I work on my website that I am starting up. This website is going to promote my ranch, Lazy Kat Ranch.

What boots do you wear when riding?

I wearLucchese tall riding boots. They are brown leather with a riding heel. I love to wear these boots to the barn because they’re so comfortable. When I clean the horse stalls and the horses are all around you, they will kick you, so you have to wear your boots. If you wear tennis shoes into the stall, they’ll step on your foot and you’ll never forget the pain.

How do cowboy boots play a big role in your life?

I used to be a gymnast when I was young, and I broke many bones in my feet. Because of this injury, I wear my boots year-round. I do not wear high heels because it is not worth the pain. Lucchese builds a boot that is designed to hug my foot thanks to their proprietary last. I never have to worry about my foot feeling uncomfortable because the fit is just right. A lot of other boots cave on the ankle, but not with Lucchese. I like to tell people it’s like wearing bedroom slippers. I don’t waste my time trying on other boots because I know they won’t be half as comfortable.

What do you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots?

I feel happy. I live in my boots. Literally. I even take myboot jackto the airport because I know I will have to take my boots off through security.

What is your favorite Lucchese boot?

My favorite is my new turquoise crocodile Lucchese boots. The color really stands out and I have never received so many compliments on a pair of boots! They’re such a conversation piece especially when I go to Europe because boots are really popular there. I have many people there stop me and tell me how much they love my boots.

I love Lucchese boots so much that I bring my friends to the store with me and buy them a pair because I believe in these boots so much. I will continue to wear my Luccheses every day and update my closet as much as I can!

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