The holidays are sweetest in Texas

Every country, every region and every family has their own unique holiday traditions, but it goes without saying that the most special of those are often edible and the sweetest of all.

Holiday gatherings are more often than not complimented by a delectable spread of food, which is topped with decadent desserts. So, we asked Chef Rebecca Meeker of the Texas-Italian Kitchen to recommend her favorite desserts of the season. Enjoy and indulge — just don't blame us for the belly ache that's likely to follow... 

Pecan Pralines
What Chef says: "They the absolute sweetest sweet of the South and found mostly in Tex-Mex restaurants."
Recipe: Follow it here, and careful, humidity can make pralines dry. 

Sheet Pan Fudge Cake
What Chef says: "I love fudge during the holiday, because you can top it with crushed candy canes (Bob's Candy Canes only!)."
Recipe: Follow it here, and pick up those requisite candy canes at most any local pharmacy. 
Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie
What Chef says: "It's always fun to bake in your mother's kitchen, and most Southern moms will be baking this pie either for Thanksgiving or Christmas."
Recipe: Follow it here, and top with whipped cream.
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