"Instant" wanderlust

Here at Lucchese, we admire those who seek constant adventure, traverse different landscapes, and are at one with the wild. In fact, we rely on those people to document their whereabouts in order to alleviate our own wanderlust when the daily grind keeps us away from these sources of inspiration. So, we've compiled some of the most outstanding Instagram feeds to sustain your desire to go out and explore, too.


On Stephen Smith's 32nd birthday, he quit his job to go work on the 87,000-acre Chico Basin Ranch. "It has been a shock to the system; I’m broke and tired, but I am happy," he's said. There is a true sense of purpose in every part of my day, from the boots I wear to the way I mend a fence." And his photos of the experience are nothing short of outstanding.

Kevin Russ is an iPhone-only professional photographer who travels around the country (and continent) with his dog and, sometimes, with friends. Sometimes while camping, or sometimes with a true roof over his head, Russ looks for "movie-quality" landscapes. 

Kristen Alana is a travel photographer-cum-digital marketer whose scenes are so captivating that over 60K followers count on her for travel recommendations and inspiration — many of whom have made plans to travel based solely on her imagery. 

Isaac Cole is a filmmaker also living on a cattle ranch in Colorado, who often crosses paths with Stephen Smith. 

Chrysti Hydeck is one part photographer, another part instructor who is based outside of D.C. (If ever there were a perfect shot of a horse at sunrise or sunset — Christi has achieved it.)

Cole Rise, like his contemporaries, also travels the world seeking unique scenes. He experiments with a variety of cameras for different effects so he can capture moments like midnight in the high desert, below. 

Alex Strohl is one of the most popular Instagrammers of the group, with each shot fit for a magazine. He's been enlisted by cities around the world to create intriguing, enticing mobile documentaries of the areas.