Field Testing: The King Ranch® Barn Boot

King Ranch® covers over 825,000 acres of pasture land, covering seven counties in South Texas. The prime grazing lands are home to Santa Gertrudis and Santa Cruz cattle, both breeds were developed by the Ranch. Large populations of whitetail deer, quail, turkey and the exotic nilgai antelope thrive on the diverse habitats of King Ranch®. The Ranch's commercial hunting operations take advantage of the abundance and quality of wildlife, and utilization of modern conservation techniques nurtures the vital habitats covering the Ranch. Sophisticated cattle grazing systems and cutting edge resource and habitat management work in unison to sustain the sensitive balance of nature on King Ranch®.

King Ranch® employs a large team of game biologist whose responsibilities include wild game and hunting operations. In order to maintain healthy and abundant populations King Ranch® biologist devote a great deal of time in the field assessing habitat and wildlife conditions on 825,000 acres of native land. We had the opportunity to spend a few days with Ranch biologists taking in nature, surveying the land and testing our Barn Boots. This team treks through mud, dirt, giant sand dunes, forests, and fields for long hours every day. The cushioned outsole allows them to comfortably cover as much ground as necessary, and environment-releasing technology keeps mud and muck from building up on the bottom of the boots.

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