EXCLUSIVE: Golden Girl Talk with Kacey Musgraves

Golden, Texas native and Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, Kacey Musgraves took a break from her dazzling Rhinestone Revue tour (and jam-packed performances at SXSW this week!) to talk with us about her one-of-a-kind style that inspired the Kacey for Lucchese collection, tips on how to wear the boots, puppy love and some wise words about living your dreams! 

LUCCHESE: We love your retro style that mixes classic Western with contemporary flair and just the right dash of girly glitz. What inspired your look and how did it influence the Kacey for Lucchese line?

KACEY: My love of Western fashion is deeply rooted way back into my childhood! I grew up in Texas singing traditional country and Western swing. I was always decked out in rhinestones and fringe. When I hit my teen years I became a little "too cool" for it, but as I got older it totally became something I'm proud of and use as the inspiration for what I wear on and off stage. 

LUCCHESE: Even back then you were ahead of the curve! So, what’s your favorite way to wear the Kacey for Lucchese styles? 

KACEY: I believe the boots go with anything! Dresses, leggings and sweaters, shorts - you name it. 

LUCCHESE: What’s your advice on ideas for styling them up and down and throughout the year? (We wear boots year-round, y’all!) Let's start with Golden Arrow, the boot named for your hometown and your signature symbol, the arrow.

Photo credit: Andrea Baker

KACEY: The lovely thing about the Golden Arrow boot is that it is so neutral! It will go with anything from a wedding dress to denim cut offs and a white tank. They look fantastic on everyone. They're a nod to retro cowboy boots, but done in a modern way. The metallic golden arrow on the sides is so eye catching and it's rare to see boots made in this white color.

LUCCHESE: We concur. In fact, a Lucchese employee (she’s shy) strutted the Golden Arrows at her wedding in November! 

LUCCHESE: Let's move on to Gallop's fringe benefits...

Photo credit: Andrea Baker

KACEY: The Gallop tall boots are so adorable with skinny jeans tucked in or shown off on bare legs! I love the colors and materials used on these boots.They're classic yet unique and were inspired by my love of the equestrian world. I love that they have a scalloped back and a little bit of height in the heel but are super manageable. 

LUCCHESE: The Monterrey is another favorite - how do you rock this vibrant bootie?

Photo credit: Andrea Baker

KACEY: The Monterrey is a young, sassy boot that was inspired by my love of serapes and Mexican culture! Perfect with jeans, shorts, dresses...anything. They look good with a toned down color palette that lets the bright boots do all the talking. There are also a lot of colors in this style to pull from and pair with. 

LUCCHESE: We love how all the colors pop. What inspired your palette choices for the line? (Congratulations on your fashion-forward choice for Gallop's Dusty Pink, which aligns beautifully with Pantone’s 2016 color of the year “Rose Quartz”!)

KACEY: Pastel/baby pink has been a massive staple in my life. It was my grandmother’s favorite color and is also mine! I love that it is girly, but grown up. I wanted a good mix of wearable neutrals and fun, loud looks for all the boots. And it was important for me to include a white pair. 

LUCCHESE: Do you have a favorite from the collection?

KACEY: It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick a favorite boot!! But, it would have to be between the Golden Arrow and the Gallop. 

LUCCHESE: Okay, that wasn't fair. Choosing a favorite from this line is tough! So tell us what you love about each style?

KACEY: Each style is very different but VERY wearable. Each boot suits all ages and preferences and I have to say that they are super comfortable! I feel like there is a little something for everyone in this collection ranging from very cowgirl to more of a fashion boot. 

LUCCHESE: We love the varied styles and how they really evoke YOU! What’s been your favorite aspect of this partnership?

KACEY: I had no idea the amount of hard work that goes into a single pair of Lucchese boots. It's been really incredible to learn the process and to see the designs and ideas we've dreamed up become real, tangible, wearable things! Another cool part has been seeing all the people wearing and enjoying the boots.

LUCCHESE: There’s nothing we love more than hearing from happy customers and seeing them kick up their heels in Kacey for Lucchese! Speaking of hard work and dreams becoming realities, the retro pinup artwork from the campaign is amazing! What inspired the idea?

KACEY: I've always been in love with the old-school pinup girl illustrations. They were always so sexy and playful. I thought a pinup illustration would be the perfect kitschy, throwback touch to this collection's aesthetic! It was really fun seeing myself come alive in cartoon form. 

LUCCHESE: We can't get enough of your cute rescue pups Pearl and Bambi who frequent your Instagram feed - tell us more about them!

KACEY: Pearl and Bambi are the two little furry souls that I'm so thankful to have stumbled upon and been able to take in. I am a huge animal lover - especially rescues. Pearl is a tripod; she's missing her right front leg, but she gets around just fine! And Bambi is our newest road companion. She was adopted while on tour in Seattle. One look at her massive ears and I just couldn't say no. 

LUCCHESE: You’ve been globe-trotting the last few months with the Rhinestone Revue (we loved the show at the Majestic in Dallas!), so what do you miss most about home (That’s our Texas, y’all!) when you’re on the road?

KACEY: The thing I miss most about Texas when I'm away is my parents' back porch out in the country...and Mexican food! 

LUCCHESE: We’re so thrilled you’re back home to play SXSW this week – any hints about what fans can expect? (Beyond your marvelous music and glittery get ups, of course.)

KACEY: We will be playing several shows at SXSW for the first time. One thing I'm especially excited for is to be a surprise guest on a show with a legendary Texan I really admire!

EDITOR’S NOTE: In Austin this week? Check schedules for today’s (March 18) surprise show and also the CMA Songwriter Series event at Austin’s Paramount Theater on Saturday, March 19!

LUCCHESE: What’s next for you musically and otherwise – any special plans for you and the band?

KACEY: We are currently on tour, but I will be taking some time away from the road soon to get creative and write again. There's no direction in mind, which is just the way I like it!

LUCCHESE: We can't wait to see (and hear!) what's next. You wrote your first song at age nine (wow!) - talk about knowing what you want to be when you grow up and then actually becoming that with sparkly bells on! What advice would you give other young women with big dreams?

KACEY: The path I wanted to take has always been pretty clear to me. I was lucky to have a family that really rallied behind my dreams and never made me feel like they were impossible. I moved to Nashville by myself at age 20. It was the scariest and best move I've ever made! I just put myself out there and was patient until I got better and more comfortable and my vision got clearer. Find what makes you unique and hone in on that and remember it's ok to have influences but never be a direct copy! There's already one of them, but there isn't another you. 

Right back at you, Kacey. We couldn’t agree more.

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