Cody Wright, Two-time World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider

Cody Wright is a two-time world champion saddle bronc rider who has been professionally rodeoing in the PRCA since 2001. He is a husband to ShaRee and a father to four boys, Rusty, Ryder, Stetson and Statler, and one girl, Lily Jo. They are among the best saddle bronc riders in the world. The Wrights have made it to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas for the last 15 years. They compete against each other every year for the gold buckle, and in 2008 and 2010, Cody was the champion. This year at NFR, the Wright family rocked Lucchese boots and each stopped by the Lucchese booth during Cowboy Christmas.

Cody grew up in Hurricane, Utah, helping his dad on their ranch and farm, and at three years old, he was riding a horse all by himself. At 16, he moved to Milford, Utah, but currently lives in Beaver, Utah. He rodeoed and wrestled in high school, then attended college in Twin Falls, Idaho, at the College of Southern Idaho where he studied equine science and was on the CSI rodeo team.

Describe training. 

I always worked on my mental game by listening and reading self-help and motivational books. I worked out at home and then would go to the arena and get on practice bucking horses to keep me ready for the next rodeo.

How long did it take until you felt comfortable and confident?

I don't know that you ever feel “comfortable" on the back of a bucking horse, but I felt confident about my riding ability when I was healthy. It took lots and lots of practice, dedication, and determination. There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the learning process of riding bucking horses well enough to make a living at it.

Were you a natural?

I don't think so. I had to work really hard to develop the skills that I needed to be able to compete at a professional level.

How did you know when you wanted to ride professionally?

When I was growing up, I always dreamed of being a cowboy, so I guess it was just something I wanted to do ever since I can remember.

What is it like to compete against your own family?

It's great; I love it. They always help me to rise to a higher level because they are such great competitors. To watch them ride and win and do good, it makes me want to do better myself.  

Tell us about your pre-ride routine.

I usually do some stretches before I get on to make sure I am loose. I don't really have a routine other than some stretches and some positive thoughts on my riding.

What’s going through your mind during that 8 second ride?

Stay back, turn your toes out, lift on the rein and be aggressive.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

My wife and my kids.

Tell us about some of the equipment you need to make that ride.

I need a saddle, rein, boots, hat, spurs, vest, chaps, and a mouth guard. Pretty much standard equipment for all bronc riders – I don't use anything out of the normal.

We were so excited you wore Lucchese throughout NFR. How did you feel when you put your Lucchese boots on?

They are a next level boot. I wore the Russell, which is a rugged horseman boot with distressed wild-caught giant gator. They are comfortable and very nice looking. I love the style and comfort of the Lucchese brand!

Do you have any exciting news to share with your fans?

Our most exciting news right now is that we have two new granddaughters coming in the next month.

Lucchese was honored to have the Wright family wear Lucchese boots throughout all of NFR!

For more information about Cody Wright and his family, click here to watch their segment on 60 Minutes or follow @cody_wright77 on Instagram.