Cherie Kilchrist, Fashion Stylist

Celebrities such as Dustin Lynch, Sam Hunt, and Lindsay Ell always look fashionable singing on stage, but behind every look, there’s always a stylist who worked hard to put their wardrobe together. Stylist Cherie Kilchrist strives to have her clients feel confident while presenting themselves in a way that reflects their character and lifestyle. She said, “I’ve always loved making people feel their best and feel better about themselves. I love bringing that out in them.” The way Cherie designs these musicians is in a natural western, yet iconic look to be remembered by.

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Where are you based now?

I grew up in Louisiana then began to move all over. I went to school in Dallas and lived in Los Angeles for almost 10 years. From L.A., I then moved to Nashville and have been here for five years now.

Tell us the story that led up to you deciding you wanting to be a stylist.

Since I was younger, I have always been into fashion. Growing up in Louisiana, I wasn’t ever exposed to what a stylist was or knew that the job was even a real thing. I always thought I would maybe own a store because that’s all I grew up knowing. When I moved to L.A., I worked in so many different forms of fashion such as assisting someone that had a fashion company and doing more fittings for a fashion line. With this experience, I worked my way up, which landed me into assisting some really big stylists out in L.A. I figured out along the way that this is where I thrived the most and this is where my heart was.

How do you make sure each client’s style is different? 

My client provides me that opportunity. I style Dustin Lynch, Sam Hunt, Brittany Aldean, and Lindsay Ell. They all have a different quality about them. Dustin Lynch is my true cowboy client – You rarely see him without a cowboy hat and his cowboy boots. Then you have Sam Hunt, who has more of a personal street style thrown in with a cowboy boot. I always like keeping my clients with their personalities. I don’t like to change someone; I just like to bring the best out in them.

Dustin Lynch at the CMA Awards and performing on Good Morning America.

Dustin Lynch at the Broadcast Music, Inc. Awards.

What’s your day-to-day routine look like?

My day-to-day routine is making sure that I’m on top of my client’s schedules. Sam and Dustin both have new albums out. It’s been the kickoff of everyone’s new tour, so I have to make sure I am handling their photoshoots and that they’re packed for tour. Whenever Dustin’s tour bus comes in and his laundry is done, I create new outfits for him to go back on the road. Right now, I am prepping their red carpet outfits for the Academy of Country Music Awards [which is in early April]. I also have to make sure they’re up to date on their tour clothes, planning their photoshoots, and any videos they’re filming. Right now, we are in the process of promoting their new albums and getting ready for the awards show.

What inspires you to choose these wardrobes?

I get inspired by their personalities. I like to mix it up, too! I’m still in that Hollywood mind frame – I look at Vogue and fashion shows. It might not have anything to do with country music, but it still inspires me to bring a lot of high fashion into the country world. I go about the colors and skins I see, then I transform it with a cowboy boot!

Why do you choose Lucchese boots when styling celebrities?

There are many reasons I like to choose Lucchese boots to style my clients. First off, the quality of a Lucchese boot is very comfortable. For me as a stylist, and liking to style these boots with my looks, I think the color varieties are awesome. I went into the Lucchese store recently and bought Dustin Lynch these beautiful suede boots. The colors were something I had not seen in a while. I like to stick to a color palette with each of my client’s – it’s something we run with for the year. It just fits into my lifestyle.

When I walk into the Lucchese store, I know I’m going to get a high quality and high fashion product and will most definitely find something I am looking for. I know that boot will stand out and complete my outfit. Another reason I find myself going to Lucchese is because I love the staff at the store, and everyone is very professional and are really educated on the boots. Overall, I choose my client’s wardrobe very carefully so that they can feel like the best version of themselves.

For more information about Cherie Kilchrist, follow her on Instagram @cheriemkilchrist.