Big Tex Is Fitted & Ready

 Lucchese, the legendary Texas-based bootmaker renowned for its handmade process, partners with the State Fair of Texas for another dynamic fair season. To kick off this weekend’s opening festivities, Lucchese has again outfitted everyone’s favorite colossal cowboy, Big Tex, with his Texas-proud cowboy boots.

“Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and that includes Big Tex and the State Fair of Texas,” said Doug Kindy, president of Lucchese. “This partnership represents the best of Texas, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it by outfitting Big Tex with our unrivaled Lucchese fit.”

Big Tex’s Texas-themed boots were inspired by the series of American state boots designed and produced by Lucchese for a 1949 advertising campaign. Lucchese spent four years handcrafting the entire 50-state collection, which features each state’s colors, flag, bird and flower.

After 66 years, only a select few remain and are showcased in Lucchese's El Paso Factory and the flagship store in Houston. To create a new pair today, with the same artistry and detail, the cost would be well over $10,000.

Big Tex's stately boots (size 96!) stand 12-feet tall, weigh 900-pounds and were hand-built and hand-painted in Dallas by a team of 14 artists, a creative process which honored Lucchese's commitment to high quality, handmade products.

Lucchese invites State Fair of Texas fans to enjoy festivities from September 25th through October 18th. Be sure to say howdy to Big Tex as he stands tall in his Lucchese boots.