A Study in Detail, Part 10: Burnishing

One of the many distinctions that elevates Lucchese is a dedication to finishing – the steadfast development, handmade process and unrivaled result. Our artisans create and apply various Lucchese signature finishes to enhance the appearance and style of each individual boot. One of these signature finishes is burnishing, which Lucchese has perfected to create the look and feel of a beloved boot that's been passed down for generations.

Before the multi-step process can begin, certain leathers must be pre-selected to ensure the perfect blank canvas. The leather is carefully tanned and polished to achieve the desired effect, which delivers deep tones and a rich patina.

To produce this unique look, boots are polished with a brush, which darkens the leather and evolves the texture. When brush and leather meet, the unique richness begins to emerge. Another key burnishing step involves applying Lucchese-developed compounds, which serve as protective sealants. In addition to preservation elements, these treatments also yield a variety of tones and textures that range from matte to glossy.

Like each step in our process, Lucchese views finishing as an art form that ensures each handmade boot looks and stands above the rest.

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