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Blair stands out because each pair is unique. This Western boot was inspired by the restoration area of the Lucchese factory where generations-old boots are sent for repair. To make this roper boot, Lucchese artisans use a “10-Year Stonewash" creating the look and feel of a roper boot that's been passed down decade over decade. Handmade in Texas.

Material: Mad Dog Goat
Sole: Leather
Toe: R
Shaft Height: 12 inches
Heel: R
  • Lucchese boots fit differently than shoes, sneakers and sandals — our fit is designed to be snug, yet comfortable. In general, western boots can run slightly large; so don’t be surprised if your boot size is a half size smaller than your shoe size.

  • Width is also a factor in purchasing cowboy boots, which is why we offer different widths for our boots.
  • Ladies’ boots are normally sized in A, B and C widths.
  • A = narrow, B = average to medium, C = wide
  • Men’s boots are sized in B, D and EE widths.
  • B = narrow, D = average to medium, EE = wide
  • Until the leather breaks in, there will be some slippage in the heel. As you wear the boot, the leather conforms to your foot reducing the slippage.

  • For More information on Fit, consult our Fit Guide
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