Nick Fouquet

Handmade in El Paso, Texas

Lucchese reveres like-minded makers who celebrate the lifestyle of the American West and timeless artisan techniques. French American milliner Nick Fouquet built his eponymous hat brand on classic, old-world craftsmanship.

With this collaboration, as with everything we do, Lucchese’s artisan craftsmen and -women make every pair of boots by hand, start to finish, paying attention to every detail. Unwilling to compromise on quality or take shortcuts, they use the same time-honored techniques that have been used for generations to bring the character and values of Lucchese to life.

Designed in Venice, California

We were honored to have Nick put his spin on the Lucchese brand. He truly understands the cowboy spirit, the significance of our legacy, and the importance of unparalleled form, fit, and finish. He let the past inspire him but knew just how to give the new collection a modern twist.

Materials and colors are in harmony with the romantic and pastoral elements that inspired the writings of cowboy poets who have waxed lyrically around campfires for as long as cowboys have been cowboys.

True Romance

The collaboration between Lucchese and Nick Fouquet brings together two brands rooted in artisan craftsmanship. Each bears a commitment to bringing high quality, integrity, and innovation to customers who appreciate time-honored techniques and attention to detail.

A world-renowned designer and creative director, Nick drew inspiration from the world of cowboy poetry, a true Texas pastime. Cowboy poets have been finding connection between man and nature in the West for as long as Lucchese has been making boots.

Bold, Beautiful Boots

Lucchese x Nick Fouquet offers new and unique takes on some of Lucchese’s more popular and established silhouettes. These famous Lucchese styles have been embellished with exclusive details, hardware, materials, and design choices brought from the ’70s and midcentury Texas rodeo stars — a true nod to the style icons of the Texas rodeo scene.

Anchored in American heritage and style, the collection is both bold and elegant, modern and classic. It represents everything we’re known for: premium materials, handmade quality, lasting style. It’s the very essence of the cowboy spirit — and, when worn, it’s poetry in motion. This collaboration proves that a contemporary brand like Nick Fouquet and brands as steeped in tradition and heritage as Lucchese can come together as beautifully as hats and boots.