This season, we were inspired by the past. Lucchese's archives, of course, but also those of Texas and its people. We wanted designs to go beyond just stitch patterns, leathers and other elements - we wanted designs inspired by artifacts of Texas history.

Lambshead, outside of Albany, TX (125 miles west of Fort Worth) is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and deep rooted family ties that were formed over 160 years ago.

It is the epitome of family values, sacrifice and character that make up a true Texas ranch. The land hearkens back to days of vintage style and old school cattle ranching that lives on in the generations of family members and cowboys still involved in the ranch today.

The story of Lambshead lives on in its many descendants, whether in the direct bloodline, or the many cowboys who have come and gone. It is one of the only ranches in the state that is still owned and operated by its original settlers, and the Matthews Land and Cattle Company intends to keep it that way.

Hand-stained vintage-inspired Tinga cut horseman.
Western Boots Inspired by the Pioneering Women.
Handcrafted from Mad Dog goat these boots, like cowboys only get better with age.
Priscilla inspired, Mery stitched 7" bootie.
Vintage-inspired, hand-stained Tinga cut western.
A Legendary Cowgirl + Her Descendants
Women's Vintage Western

The Matthews-Reynolds clan was born out of 5 interwoven marriages to keep Lambshead Ranch within close familial ties. Sallie Reynolds Matthews was the quintessential Texas matriarch that brought the West Texas plains into the 20th century. What began as a family project to document their rich history, her book, Interwoven, quickly became an acclaimed Texas History classic for its incredible detail of early rural ranching life that blossomed into a vast, generational cattle dynasty.

Much like cattle ranching, cowboy boots and western wear was traditionally a men's game. It's women like Sallie who, symbolically, put on their husband's boots and took on roles untraditional for the time for the sake of legacy. Our women's vintage line not only uses elements of western wear's past, but more so honors the dedication to heritage that comes from women like Sallie and the devotion to forging lasting family legacies like Lambshead.

The Unforgiving Land
Men's Tinga

"Everybody knows Lambshead" is a frequently used phrase among cowboys and Western industry professionals. To respect Lambshead is to somewhat fear the vast ranch and its unforgiving history and great present. It requires knowing the rolling hills and mesas along the Clear Fork of the Brazos like the back of your hand.

Tinga cut Giant Gator is a tough, yet beautiful cut of leather that withstands the elements of West Texas. Our new Johannes honors the rugged terrain that the Matthews-Reynolds clan worked relentlessly to mold and tame into the ranch it is today. It is a sign of respect for the journey the family has been on since 1856.

Generational Working Cowboys
Men's Rough + Rugged

One of the elements that has stayed constant through the Lambshead story is the men who have worked the ranch. Many of the same generations of cowboys have known and loved Lambshead since they were boys. They grew up with their fathers and family members working the ranch, to be inducted once they came of age. The Lambshead family runs deeps of survivors and defenders.

Our Men's Rough + Rugged line pays homage to the stories from these men that have only gotten better with age. The symbolic patina a cowboy earns from working a place like Lambshead for decades matches the beautiful aged finish on our Livingston and Leadville families. These men, and their boots, have seen the very things that inspired the rest of the world's ideas of the West.

Ranchers from a Legendary Era
Men's Vintage Western

There is much to be said about Watt Matthews (Sallie's youngest son) who lived as the foreman, and bachelor, of Lambshead until his 98th year. Throughout the many publications describing Watt, he was the embodiment of a bygone era. A true Texas cattleman and rancher, steward of the land and generous preservationist of history which remains prevalent throughout Lambshead today.

The common phrase "a man is only as good as his boots" goes beyond looks; it associates the uniform to a man's character and reliability of his word. Our Vintage Men's styles pull design elements from classic Western style, but, more importantly, they also honor the attitude, morals and values of time-honored cowboys like Watt. Much like Lucchese boots, and our legacy, standing the test of time through honest work, Watt's primary goal in life was to hold the ranch together and pass it on to future generations in better shape than he found it.