The fashion behind The Dash and The Dog

The fashion selected for The Dash and The Dog was decidedly effortless, casual and far from stuffy. 

Stylist Deborah Watson, whose work can be seen everywhere from Vanity Fair and V Magazine to GQ and Italian Vogue, kept the looks simple and fuss-free, with the coming of spring in mind. 

As the lead characters embarked on their road trip, Watson did as well, miraculously maintaining order in a the back of a crowded RV as the cast and crew drove across the Hill Country (pictured below). 

Throughout The Dash and The Dog, the couple gradually sheds their city clothes for relaxed alternatives better suited for the quirky adventures that ensue. That is, of course, until they wed; she in a breezy white dress and he in a jeans-and-jacket combo.

Some of the brands selected for the shoot include RRL, Rag & Bone, Joie, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, with a few surprising doses of vintage and international high fashion designers like Isabel Marant and Celine. 

Minimal makeup was used so the models’ young, natural beauty could shine, staying true to the vibe of a laid-back road trip. 

To see which Lucchese boots feature prominently in what scene, click through the slideshow above. 

Watch The Dash and The Dog here