Shinola shines in craft cyclery

Maker: Shinola

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Wares: Bicycles, watches, leathergoods 

Shinola is fiercely loyal to keeping manufacturing alive in America. Not only that, but the company is dedicated to the revival of Detroit — a city that countless of Americans have left behind — as center of creativity and industry. 

Originally founded in 1907 as a brand of shoe polish, the Shinola factory is now home to craftspeople who specialize in bicycle and watch production.

“Each Shinola bicycle undergoes a precise, custom-level assembly by experts in our Detroit workshop within the College for Creative Studies. Because we believe there's only one way to properly build a bicycle, and that's one at a time, by hand,” the company states.

Most recently, Shinola produced a limited run of 25 The Wright Brothers Runwell bicycles as an homage to the Wrights’ contribution to our country’s history in aviation. The purchase of the limited edition bike comes with access to The Foundry, a private collectors club for owners of limited edition Shinola goods.

While The Wright Brothers Runwell is an 11-speed urban bike, Shinola also makes cruisers and Porteur-style bicycles for men and women. Cleverly, the company touts its two-wheelers as "the latest luxury vehicles from Detroit."