Peck and Finch: Inextricably good

In 1962, Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about innocence, tolerance and justice, To Kill a Mockingbird, was adapted into an award-winning film of the same name. The film has long since been lauded as one of the best book-to-screen adaptations ever, largely owing to Gregory Peck’s portrayal of father and lawyer Atticus Finch. The powerful story centers around Peck as single father Finch, as told from the viewpoint of his daughter Scout.

Peck is widely said to have been as humble and balanced as the character he so famously played in 1962. "He was an Atticus," his daughter Cecilia Peck told Time upon the film's 50th anniversary in 2012. "He really was that kind of father to me and my brothers. I believe that he was always very much like Atticus but I think that doing the film when we were very young made him become even more that way and I think as much as he put of himself into the role, Atticus became him, too."

Peck was a father five times over, and revealed in 1989, “I put everything I had into it — all my feelings and everything I’d learned in 46 years of living, about family life and fathers and children.” Author Lee agreed, stating, “In that film, the man and the part met... Atticus Finch gave him an opportunity to play himself.” 

This Father’s Day, we honor both Finch and Peck with the recreation of the boot Peck designed with Cosimo Lucchese in 1957. View the intricate, meaningful boot online, and join us as we tip our hats to fathers around the world.