We asked country music group Midland to share their story of how this trio formed as a band and how they’ve come to be chart toppers with old school style. You probably have recognized them in their rhinestone suits and Lucchese boots on stages and red carpets.

Credit: Manuel Mancilla @angusmancilla

Credit: @jessparkercarson
Jess Carson boots: Custom giant gator zips.

In 2013, Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson, and Cameron Duddy decided to quit their jobs and move to Texas where they formed as a band in Dripping Springs. Lead guitarist/vocalist Jess Carson said, “I had moved from Oregon to Los Angeles to pursue music, and it was there that I met Mark and Cam. We all played in a variety of bands together but none of them really saw much success until Midland.”

The trio hopped from bar to bar throughout Texas playing in front of a small crowd, but it wasn’t before long that Midland made their first debut. In 2016, the band signed to Big Machine Records and released the five-song album, Midland. One year later, they expanded the EP to the full-length version, On the Rocks, featuring songs such as“Drinkin’ Problem”and “Burn Out” as several songs made it to number one on the Top Country Albums chart.

“Our current single “Cheatin’ Songs” is one of my favorites on our current album, Let It Roll. It’s a hit of “Country Funk” and soul that’s an earnest tip of the hat to Conway Twitty. That’s who we were talking about when we were writing it and that’s what we were shooting for – but in Midland’s own way. It’s a fun cheating song that everyone can relate to. Give it a spin and let us know what ya think?” said lead singer/guitarist Mark Wystrach.

We caught up with the band to hear more about their new music and what boots are important to their distinct style.

Each of you have at least one custom Lucchese boot. Why are custom boots important to you?

Mark Wystrach: Well, custom means that it’s going to be uniquely mine. It’s going to be exactly what I want – materials, style, and fit wise – and I’ll be the only hombre wearing ‘em which is ideal.  

Jess Carson: If you get the opportunity to make a pair of custom boots, you can really get in there and get exactly what you want. A lot of times I find that I want something that doesn't exist out there in the world so it's cool when you can get it made.

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Photo credit: Dustin Bowen
Boot 1 (left): Custom giant gator zip.
Boot 2 (middle): Custom suede ankle zip.

Boot 3 (right): This custom pair was a “re-boot” of a vintage 12” Lucchese’s Jess had. He wanted to recreate the boot in a zip style.

As Midland is sometimes referred to as, "The Gator Boys," Jess Carson has also incorporated their gator logo inside each of his custom boots.

Tell us about your Lucchese boot collection. Which are your favorite boots?

Mark: I’ve got just three right now, my favorites are my light brown, mid-healed rough outs. They have no embellishments and are simple and elegant at the same time. Standard roach killer, pointed toe, the only style toe for me

Jess: My favorite Lucchese's are maybe the simplest ones I had made – they're brown suede ankle zip boots. I can wear those on stage or to the grocery store. The more I wear them, the more comfortable and familiar they get.  

Credit: @jessparkercarson
Jess Carson boots: Custom brown suede ankle zips.

What role do boots play in as you prepare for a show or a music video?

Mark: I mean, it’s all about being comfortable and feeling confident. A good pair of boots can provide both of those for you. 

Describe how you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots.

Mark: I don’t wear boots everyday as you have to have the right equipment for the right occasions. But, when I am wearing my boots, I always do feel an extra sense of confidence and cool though. 

Credit: Manuel Mancilla / @angusmancilla

Is there anything you would like to share with your fans?

We just released a live album Live From The Palomino, which is special for many reasons. First off, we re-opened the world famous “Palomino Club” in North Hollywood, California for one night only EVER! The Palomino was one of THE West Coast dance halls with everyone from Elton John to Waylon Jennings to Dwight Yoakam having graced the stage there. It was a really weird night in the best way and Midland was on that night and the crowd was with us as were the spirits. It was a honky tonk séance, and it’s recorded live for your listening enjoyment everywhere music is found. 

Credit: Manny Bautista-Maucias / @mannybradio

Credit: Manuel Mancilla / @angusmancilla

For more information about Midland,, follow @midlandon Instagram or listen to Spotify to hear their newest hit, “Cheatin’ Songs.”

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