Margy Davis and Her 31 Years at Lucchese

For over 30 years, Margy Davis has been a part of Lucchese and has defined customer service. She is adored throughout our industry by salespeople and Lucchese retail partners alike. Margy has lived in El Paso, Texas, her whole life. She married her high school sweetheart and recently just celebrated their 45th anniversary.

Margy is Lucchese's wholesale customer service manager and oversees shipment of product for Lucchese retail stores and events. She said, “If a customer calls us, we will know how to assist them immediately. We never have to transfer the call over to another team member because the consumer and the customer hate to be transferred and kept waiting, so we’re trained to know how to answer every question.”

Provide us some insight with the customer service department.

The customer service department consists of seven people. We work as a team to take care of all of our customers and consumers. With all seven of us combined, we have over 75 years of experience in this industry. If I’m not here tomorrow, they will know what to do. Everyone is so easy to work with, which is why I’ve been here for 31 years and counting. Lucchese sells a very high-end boot. We are the Louis Vuitton of boots, so we have to be the ultimate best by listening and providing our customers with the best service.

What brought you to Lucchese?

A gentleman who used to run the apparel business I previously worked at, Billy The Kid, knew about me. When Billy The Kid closed down, he said, “You have to come work for Lucchese.”

What is it about Lucchese that stands out to you? What makes it different than other boot brands?

The people. We’re not only coworkers, but we’re friends and we help each other. The service and quality make Lucchese different than other boot brands. Our success is everybody’s success. I can’t do it all by myself. Our Lucchese President, Doug Kindy, once told me, “A team is a sum of all people, and here at Lucchese, we’re all equally the same.”

What is your favorite Lucchese memory?

My favorite memory is when I received an invitation to go see our Lucchese polo team in Santa Barbara. My husband came with me, and he was able to meet the amazing people I work with. We are all so blessed to be with a great group of owners; in particular, the Muse family.

How did you get into boots?

Because the Lucchese factory is in El Paso, I always knew about boots. However, I really got into boots when I realized all the steps it takes to produce a single boot. There are over 300 hands that touch just one boot. You see how intricate it is, and it becomes a part of you. It is something that stays with you forever.

What are your favorite Lucchese boots you own?

My favorite boots are the Savannah bootTori boot, Evangeline boot, and the new casual after-ride slip on shoeThey’re so comfortable.

What do you feel every day when you put on your Lucchese boots?

I feel proud to wear them. People will ask me all the time where my boots are from, and I’m always proud to say they’re Lucchese.

When I put my boots on in the morning, I feel like I’m ready to come to work and get going. I never feel like I’m actually working because it’s a job that I love. It’s very challenging. You have to learn a lot, such as the styles, leathers, toes, heels, and everything that goes into a boot.

I love my customer service team, and I love Lucchese. If you love what you’re doing, you won’t mind going the extra mile to service our customers. My team and I will do whatever it takes to help our customers.

For more information about how to contact Lucchese customer service, please email or call 888-582-1883.