Lucchese City Guide: El Paso

Editor's note: Lucchese boasts impressive storefronts in some of America's most interesting cities: Nashville, Houston, Santa Fe, San Antonio and El Paso. The managers and staff who work in these stores are involved and enthusiastic members of their communities. To take advantage of their knowledge and local know-how, we've asked each location to compile their top recommendations of the can’t-miss sights, sounds and flavors of their respective hometowns.

Texas's El Paso is a small yet growing city bursting with international flavor. Sister City to neighboring Juarez, host to thousands of global students at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), and home to the Army's second-largest military instillation, "Sun City" offers a cultural melting pot of food, music and art. As the westernmost point in Texas, El Paso commonly serves as a gateway to nearby destinations such as White Sands, Marfa and the mountains of New Mexico.

But before your boots roams outside the city, Lucchese recommends diving into El Paso. Here, our local employees' top recommendations to make the most of Sun City:  

The best cocktail in town

Margaritas, on the rocks or frozen, at Los Bandidos de Carlos & Mickey’s — huge and delicious! 

- Ariana Mu​ñoz, Graphic designer

The Dome bar is a great place to visit and enjoy cocktails, one of the main reasons — aside from their great tasting selection — is because it's located in the newly renovated downtown district where people can also walk around and enjoy the scenery.

- Carlos Armendariz, General manager

Where to dance the night away wearing Lucchese

Salsa dancing at Dominic’s Italian Restaurant on Saturdays - they offer free classes if you go early. Starting in May, you can go downtown for “Alfresco Fridays" - free live music that's different every week.

- Ariana

Whiskey Dick's plays well-rounded country music, from classic to modern day, not to mention a variety of great happy hour specials.

- Carlos

El Paso's "Hidden" Gems 

The Cortez Building is in the middle of downtown and has beautiful detail on the entrances and windows. It used to be a hotel but now is just used as office space. If you glance quickly, you wouldn’t realize how pretty it is until you take a second look.

- Ariana

“Cool Canyon Nights” at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre - a great place to see free movies. You're out in the middle of nowhere, the sky is full of stars, and if you're watching a scary movie it makes the experience that much more fun.

- Ariana

Go see a play or musical at the Plaza Theater downtown. You’ll get to see a great show and admire the beautiful Spanish Revival architecture. And if you’re visiting during the summer, check out the theater’s classic film festival.

- Carinna Arvizo, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Favorite place to have dinner with friends

If you’re looking for New American food with a Southwest twist, you should consider going to Crave. Crave is known for its burgers, but their fish tacos and green chili mac & cheese are also pretty amazing.

- Carinna

If you want authentic Mexican food, L&J’s Cafe is the place to go. The restaurant originally opened in 1927 as Tony’s Place, which served home-style cooking to soldiers. It was also a speakeasy and casino during prohibition. So from the moment you walk in, you experience some of El Paso’s colorful history.

- Carinna

A locally owned restaurant for over 60 years called Chico’s Tacos - it's a great place to visit with the entire family or after a late night out with friends.

- Carlos

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