Introducing Small Town Texas

Those who have an unyielding desire to slip on a pair of well-worn boots and say goodbye to day-to-day stresses can look no further than the Lone Star State's expansive variety of small towns, with enough hidden gems to feed an adventurous soul for a lifetime. 

From towns that feature huge selections of treasures (or junk, depending on your perspective) to ones that boast quirky roadside attractions, these places might not have much in them, but they have a little something for everyone.

"Small Town Texas" isn't an official designation or population size — it's a state of mind. (After all, "small" is relative; and to a New Yorker, a city like Austin is adorably sized.)

It's about exploring your own country's backyard. Spotting the amazing in the ordinary. Stopping and admiring old craftsmanship. Imagining history as you touch crumbling paint. Day-dreaming about making a new start.

Small Town Texas captures those moments of discovery that enliven the soul and ignite the imagination. The surprising moments that make you want to walk for hours on end. And when you take the road less traveled and strike out on your own (or with a friend or two), you often end up learning as much about yourself as you do history.

Only a short drive away from your comfort zone, Small Town Texas will spark your creativity. These towns aren't exotic locales with enough entertainment options to distract (hell, some don't even have a grocery store), but they are fast tracks to living in the present. 

Time doesn't stop and your work isn't magically completed when you return, but for the brief moment you allow yourself to explore your own backyard, time seems to pause long enough to catch your breath. The intention of this column is to offer photographic moments — postcards — to you from small Texas towns, one-by-one, enticing you to find your own adventure. 

So let your hair blow in the Texas breeze. Squint into a sunset. And divulge your favorite memory from a time you explored Small Town Texas. Or tell us about a small town you've heard of before and have been itching to explore. 

We've got a camera slung across our backs and our boots pulled on. We're ready to explore. Are you?


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