And The Devil May Care

Early this winter, an impressive creative team met in New York City to help usher Lucchese into a new era, one that introduces the brand's luxury fashion footwear collection to the world, while remaining true to its already-renowned Western boots. 

The styling

Shot by fashion photographer Daniel Jackson and styled by Alastair McKimm, the concept of the campaign was to bring traditional Western iconography into a contemporary space. McKimm explains, “We modernized the Western aesthetic by bringing a more fashion-conscious approach to Western classics like the button down shirt, jeans, tuxedo and coveralls.” 

To lend a somewhat timeless feeling to the looks, McKimm styled the models in a monochromatic palette of black and white, using a combination of American and international brands and designers.

The models

Models Donny Lewis and Jessica Miller were cast because of their natural understanding of and appreciation for the American West. Sin City-born Miller revealed that her personal style consists of “denim and leather — always,” and that she’d just bought her father a pair of Lucchese boots for Christmas. Lewis himself is a born and raised Texan who was discovered by an agent while showing sheep at the Texas State Fair when he was just 17-years-old. Since then, he's gone on to international stardom and is based in Berlin.

The set

The elaborate set required the dedicated attention of five people who tended to the dirt, rocks, smoke and lighting needed to create a dramatic, rugged landscape indoors. The close attention spent to those minor details, however, played a large role in creating a scene that mimicked a storm rolling across inhospitable, moody terrain.

The playlist

Last but certainly not least (as it was most appreciated by all), Jackson’s assistants played a steady stream of tracks by some of the best, most rebellious country and rock 'n roll legends of yesteryear and today to encourage the devil-may-care vibe. Open Spotify, and listen to the music that set the mood for the day below. 

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