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Real Tight at first but broke in well.
These boots are great so far. They were really tight across the top of my foot but as I wore them over a week, they stretched out and fit like a glove. I have square feet and the round to was a better fit at first but these worked out really well. I’m buying both.
- Jasonran


Fit great with my orthotics, great support
good quality, predictable fit, great support, even added my orthotics in place of theirs and it still fit fine.. first day slipped a tad bit on the heel.. by day 2 or 3 the slipping stopped and they were broken in enough to be comfortable.. good boot that feels strong and confident..
- Dude


My favorite boot
I originally purchased this boot with intentions on using it only for work purposes. But it quickly became my favorite boot and I often wear it daily. A perfect fit right off the shelf.
- Mike74


beautiful quality boots made for dress up or casua
Your boots are the most comfortable pair I have ever owned! Fit like a glove and did not take much time to break them in. I get compliments every time I wear them. thanks for making a top quality boot!
- SasCKat


I love Lucchese boots! I now have five pair with the addition of the Montana. I absolutely love this boot. They are all so comfortable, so well crafted, and so beautiful! I wear a different pair everyday. Happy Holidays & Thanks Lucchese!
- Danny Lee Ladely


Ready to wear
These high quality boots don't need breaking in. Just put a protective layer of shoe polish and they will last forever (well, the first pair I bought in 2000 are still going strong and the most comfortable shoes I own...including flip flops)
- YoBob


Mad dog
I am very happy with these the leather is very nice hardly no break in period quality for sure. The shaft is narrower then what I expected but I need the support in ankles. I notice mine are made in Mexico cuz model number starts with M. I don't have a huge problem with this but made in USA is what I prefer but Lucchese has quality control beyond so I'm not worried. I also notice there are no brass or lemon pegs in the shank just stitching just t wonder if this is an issue. The fit is dead on though compared to my other boots so I'm a happy camper.
- Magnum


Stunning example of quality!
I own several pair of Lucchese boots and by far these are my favorite. Quality materials and workmanship. Sizing is spot on and the heel/toe combination on this particular boot is perfect. Incredibly comfortable the first time that I put them on and they have only gotten better as I have broken them in. They look great with jeans and easy to transition to a more formal environment if needed. I got them on sale but none the less worth every penny.
- JohnW


Best Boots Ever!!!
I have had my new pair of Bannock ropers for about one month and have loved wearing them. The leather is extremely soft and fits against my feet like a glove. I have enjoyed every step since I initially put them on and I can easily say that these are the most comfortable boots I have ever purchased or worn and I have had many pair over the years.
- Coulden123


Great looking and fitting boots
The Sumter is my first pair of Lucchese boots and I was very impressed at the quality of the boots when I removed them from the box. It was obvious they were handmade with care to detail. The fit was very true to size and they are very comfortable boots. They are everything I expected and more, I get compliments on them every time I wear them. These will definitely not be my last pair of Lucchese boots.
- Shawn M