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Meet One of Our Artisans:

Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez removing the excess leather on the sole.

For over 130 years, Lucchese has taken pride in the art of bootmaking, focusing on craftsmanship, quality and style. Our artisans work every day to ensure that Sam Lucchese’s vision and appreciation of craftsmanship are still practiced. This week we will be featuring Jose Ramirez, a Lucchese artisan and cowboy boot enthusiast.

Jose Ramirez started working for Lucchese seventeen years ago when a friend told him the company was hiring. The day after turning in his application, Lucchese hired him. As a supervisor for Lucchese, Jose knows everything there is about boots. Jose explains to us, “The more you know about cowboy boots, the more you love them.” But, his passion for cowboy boots first started when he was a child living in Mexico.

At the age of six, Jose got his first pair of black cowboy boots. He recalls the first time he walked into a boot store in Juarez, Mexico, and saw the colorful designs lined up against the walls. At the time, he couldn’t afford to purchase a bright cowboy boot, so he decided to paint an old pair of black boots with white paint. A few nights later, he went to a festival where it started to rain. Needless to say, the white paint came off and the water ruined the leather. Jose promised himself that he would one day purchase several pairs of colorful boots. Today, Jose owns over seventy pairs of Lucchese boots. “It’s a dream that has come true. I feel fortunate enough to learn about something that I’ve loved for so long, since I was 6 years old.” he says.

This love for cowboy boots continued to grow as he got older, fitting for a man who has dedicated his career to constructing them. He explains, “All my life I used cowboy boots, but I never knew how they were made. I didn’t know the entire process or work it takes to make one pair. ”

As a bootmaker, he enjoys every step in the boot making process, but one of his favorites is constructing the sole—the first thing he learned when he started at Lucchese. “When I began working, I knew that I needed to move up in order to learn as much as I can about boots.” Seventeen years later, Jose can construct a boot on his own and has grown with the company, supervising his own team with his knowledge and craftsmanship.

You would think he has a few favorite styles that he likes to make, but there isn’t a boot or design that is particularly close to his heart. “I love all boots. They’re all so beautiful. I see new boots, and I want more boots.”

This interview has been translated from Spanish to English.