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Black Cherry, Lucchese's Signature Finish

Imitated, But Never Duplicated


Lucchese's exclusive Black Cherry finish originated more than 50 years ago and its sweet popularity continues today. Although this coveted hue is revered widely in Western culture and is often imitated, no one can match nor reproduce the original depth and richness. This signature recipe, which masterfully unites crimson and coal, represents Lucchese’s ability to create and perfect finishes like no other bootmaker.

To mingle these contrasting hues, Lucchese artisans hand-treat the leather with several intricate steps that include applying multiple coats of black pigment to bright red leather and then removing it in stages to reveal subtle hints of burgundy. This process is repeated using different tools to create the stunning patina. They may be lighter, brighter, or darker than the pair before or the pair after. Hand-stained color has no guarantee — but you can absolutely count on your Lucchese boots being unique in all the world.

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Lucchese’s Black Cherry finish exhibits this adage perfectly.

To learn more about our handmade process and finishing expertise, watch Lucchese bootmakers in action. Shop Black Cherry boots and other sweet products here.