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The Texas-Italian Kitchen: Summer Cocktails
Your antidote to the sweltering summer sun
The entertainer's antidote to a rising heat index.

From deep in the heart of Texas, it's difficult to type anything more than "it's really, really hot." Thus for this edition of the Texas-Italian Kitchen, we looked beyond big, heavy meals and toward light, sparkling beverages. (Still, if you're hungry, revisit our previous dinner and brunch recipes.)

Faithful Chef Meeker is back, but this time she's behind the bar crafting two cocktails that give a nod (albeit a tipsy one) to Lucchese's blended heritage. Truly, we'd never thought to combine Italian Rose with Texas fruit — and boy are we glad we tried it.

Behold, the Ruby Red Texas Grapefruit Mimosa and the Aperol Spritz. Sophisticated in presentation but a cinch to prepare in the kitchen, serve these adult refreshments during your next poolside (or lakeside/oceanside) gathering.


makes 4 cocktails

6 oz of ruby red grapefruit juice

18 oz Italian sparkling rosé

In a champagne flute, pour the grapefruit juice. Top it off with champagne.


makes 4 cocktails

18 oz Italian sparkling rosé

10 oz aperol

4 oz sparkling San Pellegrino

4 slices of orange to garnish

In a collins glass, pour the aperol and top off with sparkling rosé and sparkling water. Garnish the glass with and orange slice.

Cin cin!