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Herbal Alchemy: Tastes good, feels good

Colorado native forages for bitters, teas and syrups


Maker: DRAM Apothecary

Location: Silver Plume, Colorado

Wares: Locally sourced bitters, teas and syrups

Days spent foraging in the plains and parries combined with nights behind a craft cocktail bar eventually turned into a fusion of two passions for Colorado native Shae Whitney, who studied Food Science, Ecological Agriculture and Botany in college.

Whitney’s brainchild, DRAM Apothecary, is located in a small, historic building in a Colorado ghost town. It first was  a mining supply shop and changed into a bakery before ultimately becoming the headquarters for Whitney’s botanical work. 

DRAM specializes in bitters, teas and syrups crafted from wild herbs that Whitney collects herself. All have a healing element and are “designed to taste as wonderful as they will make your body feel.” 

Pair black coffee with DRAM Pine Syrup, try homemade Colorado Pine Soda or make a shows-topping brunch cocktail with Hair of the Dog Bitters. Good health starts with a good drink.