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Dipped Calf
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Franca is special because of the artistry required to execute reverse sew construction. Franca is first fully stitched, then hand-dipped to attain its rich color. Subsequently, it is brushed and burnished to create a stunning visual effect. Next, the incomplete sole is placed on the last inside-out, and the outsole is sewn directly onto the upper. Finally reversed into its correct position rightside-out, the painstaking process yields a shoe with an unparalleled amount of flexibility and comfort. Handmade in Italy.

  • Reverse sew construction
  • Calfskin lined
  • Lemonwood pegged
  • 1” heel

The Lucchese Construction

Using only the highest quality smooth and exotic leathers, Lucchese builds a boot that is designed to hug a person’s foot thanks to our proprietary last. For the perfect final touch, our expert bootmakers use a variety of finishing techniques that include weathering, burnishing, and hand-staining.

The Lucchese Fit

Lucchese Bootmaker uses time-honored craftsmanship techniques to build handmade boots of unrivaled fit, comfort, and style. Because of their hand-lasted nature, each pair of Lucchese boots differs slightly. With more wear, the leather on the boots molds to the contours of the foot, personalizing both boot and fit.

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