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Goat 12"
S5 Toe
4 Heel 1 1/2"
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Raven is a bold boot that stylishly ties together city and ranch life. Raven’s classic silhouette and sleek shaft and vamp allow the boot’s tasteful custom hardware details to gleam. Eyes will follow the delicate gold studding along the collar and crown, leading to Lucchese’s signature mirrored-L imprinted on the tip of the bronzed baroque toe cap. It’s a boot that effortlessly couples fine details with a hard edge, perfect for finding adventure in or outside of city limits. Handmade in Texas.

The Lucchese Construction

Using only the highest quality smooth and exotic leathers, Lucchese builds a boot that is designed to hug a person’s foot thanks to our proprietary last. For the perfect final touch, our expert bootmakers use a variety of finishing techniques that include weathering, burnishing, and hand-staining.

The Lucchese Fit

Lucchese Bootmaker uses time-honored craftsmanship techniques to build handmade boots of unrivaled fit, comfort, and style. Because of their hand-lasted nature, each pair of Lucchese boots differs slightly. With more wear, the leather on the boots molds to the contours of the foot, personalizing both boot and fit.

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