Fia is the chukka version of Lucchese’s beloved Franca. Fia’s silhouette sits slightly higher on the ankle and lends a strong, androgynous look. Like Franca, this chukka is born out of the complicated reverse sew construction. The shoe is first fully stitched, then hand-dipped to attain its rich color. Subsequently, it is brushed and burnished to create a stunning visual effect. Next, the incomplete sole is placed on the last inside-out, and the outsole is sewn directly onto the upper. Finally reversed into its correct position rightside-out, the painstaking process yields a shoe with an unparalleled amount of flexibility and comfort. Handmade in Italy.

  • Reverse sew construction
  • Calfskin lined
  • Lemonwood pegged
  • 1” heel
Material: Buffalo
Sole: Leather

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Fit Guide

How a Lucchese Boot Should Fit


Lucchese boots typically fit about one half-size smaller than everyday dress shoes. If the boot has a padded foot bed, then the boot will fit to size.

  • A properly fitting boot should feel like a firm handshake across the instep.
  • The ball of your foot should be in the widest part of the boot.
  • There will be a slight slip in the heel.

How to Try on Cowboy Boot

1. Sit.

2. Put both fingers through the pull straps and insert your foot into the boot.

3. Keeping the heel on the ground, use your body weight to get your foot into the boot. *Note: You will feel resistance as you try to pull the boot on.

4. As your foot sinks into the boot, listen for the audible “thump.”

5. Walk around and feel the fit of the boot. *Note: Notice the slight slip in the heel.

  • If the boot feels too tight, go for a wider width.
  • If the boot feels too loose, try a smaller size.