Established in 1883, Texas-bred Lucchese uses time-honored craftsmanship techniques to build handmade boots of unrivaled quality, fit, comfort and style. In virtually every step of our bootmaking process, we rely on human hands to complete centuries-old tasks to perfection. 


Matching Skins

Lucchese is famed for its high-quality skins, and two crocodilian skins are used to make one pair of boots. 

To make one perfectly matched pair, bootmakers intently study each skin's unique markings, tile size and pattern. At times, up to 20 to 30 different skins are compared side-by-side before finding a close enough match, as each one is as individual as a fingerprint.

At Lucchese, perfection lies in such details. 

Tooling Leather by Hand

Dedicated artisans spend hours upon days upon weeks hand-tooling leather to create exquisite, multidimensional Lucchese boots.

A process that calls upon manual dexterity and the use of small steel tools, tooling is a laborious art form that results in completely unique patterns and designs. 

Meet Fernando, a Lucchese bootmaker

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