• John Muse

    John Muse, born and bred Texan and current Chairman of Lucchese Bootmaker, became interested in polo when he moved to England for business in 1998. As a lifelong athlete and equine enthusiast, Muse’s polo appreciation soon elevated from spectator to player while learning and playing club chukkers at the Ascot Park Polo Club in Berkshire, England. Three years later as a patron, he began playing at the medium goal level. Since 2009, Muse has played competitively at medium and high goal levels throughout England, Argentina and the United States.

    Muse brought players and ponies together to form the Lucchese team, which currently plays in Florida and Santa Barbara. During the 2010 season, Muse and his team were led by then captain Adolfo Cambiaso, one of the most celebrated polo players in history. The team won every match, including the elusive Triple Crown: the Americas Cup, Silver Cup and Pacific Coast Open. Thanks to Muse’s dedication and passion for the game, the Lucchese team continues to enjoy great success on the field and remains poised as one of the best polo organizations in the world.

    Muse’s passion for the sport also comes from his love of horses, particularly his beloved mare, Ruby, who retired at age 16. John currently competes with Mars, a gelding, and Mia, a mare, who command the field with effortless power and speed.

    Muse was nominated president of the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, a position he holds today. As president, he plans to use his leadership and passion for polo to take the sport to new levels while maintaining its rich tradition and legacy. 

  • Jeff Hall

    Jeff Hall grew up in Santa Barbara, California and Houston, Texas. He began riding horses at just four years old in Indio, California where his father John Hall, an enthusiastic polo sponsor, instilled a passion for the sport. By the time Jeff reached seven, he had envisioned his future. His dream of playing polo professionally became a reality at 12 years old and he hasn’t looked back since.

    Jeff Hall has won almost every high-goal trophy in U.S. polo including the most prestigious, the U.S. Open. Currently holding a 7-goal handicap, Jeff is one of only a handful of American players to have played in the highly regarded Argentine Open.

    In his free time, Jeff also enjoys golf, fishing and spending time at home on his Houston ranch, Old Pueblo, where he enjoys life with his wife and sons. During the Palm Beach polo season, they take up residence in Wellington, Florida.

  • Nacho Badiola

    Ignacio “Nacho” Badiola grew up in Coronel Suarez, the Argentinian town dubbed “the Capital of Polo,” due to its long history with the sport and talented players. Nacho grew up watching his competitive polo-playing father, Juan Badiola, and soon started playing along side him at age six. Drawn to the game for its speed and strategy, Badiola has traveled the world playing competitively from Argentina to Europe. He played with the Lucchese team in 2015 and helped secure victory at the Joe Barry Memorial Cup. He’s excited to be back for the summer 2016 season and enjoys competing in his prized Lucchese polo boots. Badiola holds an six-goal ranking in the U.S. 

  • Steve Krueger

    Native Texan Steve Krueger grew up in Argyle, Texas just north of Fort Worth where he watched his father play. A talented athlete who also played basketball and football, Steve honed his polo skills and soon played competitively in high school. Growing up around the sport certainly didn’t hurt, but Steve felt drawn in by the high-energy and collaborative teamwork between players and horses. At Texas A&M University, Steve won the Intercollegiate Championship three times. He began playing professionally at 19 and has continued moving up the ranks through other 20-goal tournaments. He plays competitively in Texas, Florida and Santa Barbara and holds a three-goal handicap in the U.S.

  • Mars

    Mars, a talented gelding, currently plays on the Lucchese polo team.

  • Mia

    Mia, another beloved competitor, has rejoined the team for the U.S. Open Championship currently in progress.

  • Ruby

    Ruby, a famous competitor known for many victories including the Argentine Open in 2010, has retired from the polo field and is currently enjoying life in Argentina.